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6 Steps To Get A Food Truck

Published on October 10th, 2019

Apollo Custom Manufacturing has been building food carts and trucks for over 20 years, if you're thinking about starting up a food truck business, you're likely to have a bunch of questions.  You can count on our experience in building you a top quality, custom built, food truck, at an affordable price.  To help break down the process, here is a checklist of the steps to get your food truck built by the best in business.

Step 1: Choose a Menu

Do you want a taco truck?  A concession trailer specializing in poutine? A mobile coffee truck?  Whatever you decide, make sure to keep the menu down to 5 to 8 items, sometimes less is more.  You'll want to be able to serve your customers quickly and efficiently, minimizing the wait times.  A long line can discourage customers, and you don't want that!

Step 2: Check Local Health Codes

You'll have to check with your local health authority on what the legal requirements are when serving the food you've chosen.  You'll likely need to have a cold and hot food storage units, such as a fridge and warmers.  As well as a sink to wash your hands before handling the food.  They may also be other requirements your local authority requires, so it's best to check with them.

Step 3: Choose Equipment and Layout

Ok so you know what your serving, and the required food handling equipment, it's time to sketch out an idea on what your mobile kitchen will look like.  How much space do you need to prep the food on the counter?  What is the flow of the kitchen?  This will also help you choose the right platform to build your food truck or trailer on.

Step 4: Buy A Truck (or Trailer)

You've figured out roughly what size of food truck you'll need, maybe its 14 feet long, or 20 feet long, whatever the case may be, its time to find the perfect platform to build your kitchen on.  Apollo Custom Manufacturing can help you source a new or used truck or trailer, or you can provide your own.

For Our Customers in the USA

We've found it best to buy a truck already registered in the states, then ship it over to us in Surrey, BC, Canada.  We'll build out the truck, and ship it back to you.  It is the easiest solution, and we've done it many times before.  If you have any questions regarding the process, give us a call and we will be happy to answer them.

Step 5: We Build Your Truck

Once we've got your truck in our shop, the construction begins!  We build custom fitted countertops around the cabinets and food handling equipment.  Everything is built to code and gas, electrical, and fire equipment is certified by qualified personnel.  For a more detailed explanation on our process you can read about it in our other post, Building a Food Truck.

Step 6: Start Selling!

With your brand new food truck or trailer, you'll be able to roll around to festivals, weddings, farmers markets, pretty much anywhere!

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